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Lake Oswego Junior High: The Toxic Culture of Racism Must Be Ended

At the March meeting of the Clackamas County Democratic Central Committee, a resolution was adopted unanimously to stand in solidarity with students who experience racial discrimination at Lake Oswego Junior High in general and the most recent example in particular.

The resolution has been forwarded to the Lake Oswego School Board. It states in part:

Many are watching and listening to how the School Board is moving forward to effect needed institutional change. Simply applying a curriculum, no matter how excellent, over atop a toxic culture will not suffice. It gives the appearance of actions without sustainable outcomes.

There is no illusion that the Lake Oswego school system is better or worse then others in regard to this issue. All of our institutions must be on constant vigilance for racism, now that it is being condoned by the highest office in the land.

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Republican Official Resigns After Racist Remarks

don yeltonWhen is enough too much? For a Republican county official in North Carolina, it came with a television interview on “The Daily Show.” Add this to the other level of childhood insults being heaped on the American people by many other Republican “leaders,” and the message is clear. Or is it? The Republican reaction is interesting.