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Connecting with Voters in Diverse SD13: Interviews with Paul Diller and Sarah Grider

As the May 15 primary nears, we asked several candidates to respond to a few questions of interest to Clackamas County voters. Below is a Q&A with both Paul Diller of Wilsonville and Sarah Grider of Newberg, who are Democrats seeking to unseat incumbent Republican Kim Thatcher, of Keizer, for Senate District 13.

Note this article previously reported the wrong date for the Primary Election.  Polls close at 8pm on Tuesday May 15th! 


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Republican Candidate’s Firm Fined $60K for Fraud Cover-Up

Ryan Howard

Ryan Howard

Voters in Wilsonville are watching as a serious scandal arises with Republican State Rep. Kim Thatcher, who wants to be the senator in the open seat. (Her house district is in the southern part of the district, while the easternmost corner of State Senate District 13 is in southwestern Clackamas County.) She’s been fined $60,000 in court for trying to create a cover-up and destroying evidence in a possible racketeering case involving her privately held construction company.

All this occurred four years ago, but Ms. Thatcher has drawn more attention by transferring $5,000 from her campaign fund into her company’s coffers, a serious Elections violation. All this is only coming to light as reporters start seeing some smoke and go looking for some fire, often beyond the original blaze which first drew their attention.

Does this enhance the opportunity for Democrat Ryan Howard to win the election against Thatcher?  Registration in the district leans Republican, and many of those voters find a strong right-leaning agenda can overwhelm criminal activity, especially if it doesn’t affect them directly. Howard is highly qualified but little known. By the way, he apparently has a spotless record, criminal and otherwise.

Certainly Ryan Howard deserves the vote of folks in Wilsonville as well as the rest of the district. Help get the message out and support him to reach more voters.

Big Paper Reverses Endorsement as Authorities Crack Down

Ryan Howard

Ryan Howard

Wow! When is the last time The Oregonian did a complete flip-flop on an endorsement, recanting an earlier position and going completely the other way?

They took this big step because a Republican state Senate candidate was allegedly converting campaign donations directly into her struggling construction company’s bank account. And she wants to represent Wilsonville, right here in Clackamas County. Take note, citizens!

State Rep. Kim Thatcher is the Republican in very hot water. She is up to her neck in trouble with the ethics/election law authorities for, most lately, moving $5,000 directly into the coffers of her private company. That’s unlawful in Oregon. This isn’t the first time Ms. Thatcher’s gone awry, but it is her first time as a Senate candidate.

Her nefarious goings-on have opened the door for her opponent, Ryan Howard, a capable and well-qualified Democrat. Howard hasn’t gained much attention in the race, even though most capitol insiders know Ms. Thatcher as a tad wild-eyed and politically crazed now and then. Continue reading