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Local Democrats Sweep Clackamas Primary Races

bernard-savasPrimary election results show a wonderful sweep for Clackamas County Democrats. Incumbent County Commissioners Democrat Jim Bernard and moderate Republican Paul Savas held off well-funded attacks from Steve Bates and Karen Bowerman, respectively. Voters are now accustomed to the offensive and inaccurate mailers and billboards put out by right wing PACs and their timber baron and sex therapist funders.

What remains to be seen is if County Chair John Ludlow, who had a direct hand in recruiting and publicly endorsing the losers, will find a way to work with a variety of perspectives, or will he continue to try to bully all the commissioners into his way of seeing things?

In the County Clerk’s race, Naval Reserve Commander and West Linn Democrat David Robinson will now face incumbent mistake maker Republican Sherry Hall in November. Democrat Shari Anderson was easily re-elected to a fifth term as County Treasurer. Continue reading

‘Big O’ Looks Closely at Clerk, Treasurer Races

Mark Meek

Mark Meek

Following the usual journalistic trend on down-ticket races, The Oregonian has waited until the last three weeks of the May 20 primary race to introduce candidates in some races which carry unusual interest this time.

If “free ink” is good for a political candidate, incumbent County Clerk Sherry Hall doesn’t want any more, thank you. The article adds a new challenge for Hall: her record. Hall’s history in office is a travesty of terrible proportions, ranging from ballot tampering to wrong deadlines on voting and filing, having to reprint ballots because they carried wrong information, on and on.

david robinson

David Robinson

Democrats have two excellent candidates this time. They are small business owner Mark Meek, of Gladstone, and another businessman, David Robinson, of West Linn. They were co-endorsed by the North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce, and each has racked up numerous personal, organizational and union endorsements.

Shari Anderson

Shari Anderson

Don’t confuse Ms. Hall with County Treasurer Shari Anderson. Ms. Anderson is the county treasurer who has run her office efficiently and effectively for 16 years. Shari Anderson deserves re-election.

Take a look at what the state’s biggest newspaper has to say in these two articles:

Clackamas County clerk: Sherry Hall must beat her own reputation, four other candidates

Clackamas County elections: Treasurer Shari Anderson draws challengers for first time in 15 years