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Around the County — 10/6/17

Candidates Keep Popping Up

By Peter Toll

With the primary election in just over eight months and the general more than a year off, some candidates are getting an early start. And while the early bird may get the worm, it is also said the tortoise wins the race.

The name of Happy Valley Mayor Lori DeRemer, a Republican, is popping up again in the rumor mill. She’s said to be looking seriously at the race for Oregon governor. Incumbent Kate Brown and GOP State Rep. Knute Buehler, of Bend, are already in.

DeRemer’s last go at higher office was unsuccessful last year when she lost the race for the open state representative seat in District 51 to Democrat Janelle Bynum. However, Buehler has some seriously early help via a check for $500,000 (yep, 500 large) from Nike founder Phil Knight. (There oughta be a law . . . no, make that a constitutional amendment to ban such obscenely huge donations.) Continue reading

Busy Summer for Clackamas Democrats at County and State Fairs, Elsewhere

Clackamas Democrats are not resting on their laurels this summer.

County and State Fairs

Look for them at the Clackamas County Fair with the Democratic booth, for example, on Wednesday, Aug. 15. Adding to the staffing team will be elected Democratic representatives and candidates. Stop by.

Local folks looking to get involved in “Resistance Summer,” standing up to Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell and the rest of the GOP so shabbily running the country, can get a good start at the fair booth.

That booth will be operating every day and night of the busy event in Canby. Another booth will offer insights into county Democrats at the Oregon State Fair in early September. More news on that later.

State Central Committee Quarterly Meeting

Several Clackamas Democrats attended the quarterly meeting of the Democratic Party of Oregon’s State Central Committee in Tillamook and Rockaway, thankfully at the coast where the temperature never topped 73 degrees compared to nearly 100 inland.

Happy Valley Democrat Sherry Healy was elected chair of the state party’s Election Integrity Caucus. Others at Tillamook from our county included Milwaukie Mayor Mark Gamba, John DeHaas, Peter Nordbye, Jan Lee, Dan Riker, Alex Josephy, Cheryl Fisher, Erika and Tom Kane, and Peter Toll, among others.

HD38 Election for State Representative

Meanwhile, Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) in House District 38, spanning Lake Oswego and Southwest Portland, created a list of possible successors to State Rep. Ann Lininger. She resigned effective Aug. 15 as Gov. Kate Brown appointed her to the Clackamas County Circuit Court bench. That short list of nominees — Andrea Salinas, Neil Simon, Theresa Kohlhoff, and Joe Buck, — has been forwarded to the county commissions of both counties. They will meet and vote for a successor before Sept. 4. It is expected the new representative, who must a Democrat (as Rep. Lininger is a Democrat), will run for the office next year.

(l to r) Andrea Salinas, Neil Simon, Theresa Kohlhoff, Joe Buck

Political observers in the region consider those nominees “the envy of anywhere else in the state” for their dedication, talent, background and ability. HD 38 will definitely get a winner.

Earlier, a “meet the candidates” public forum took place Thursday evening, Aug. 10, sponsored by independents for Progressive Action. This Lake Oswego gathering was informational and gave the voters an opportunity to learn more about the would-be legislators: Joe Buck, Alex Josephy, Theresa Kohler, Daniel Nguyen, Moses Ross, Andrea Salinas, and Neil Simon.

Shemia Fagan to Run for State Senator

In a somewhat related development, former State Rep. Shemia Fagan, Democrat who served two terms in House District 51 (Happy Valley/Clackamas northwest into Multnomah County), has announced she is running against Democratic State Senator Rod Monroe in the May primary.

Fagan, an outspoken and energetic contributor, withdrew from the legislature after she and her husband had their first child; she also left her corporate law firm to launch her own private practice.

Fagan Bill Helps Stop Unwanted Robocalls

Cyber OperatorUnder legislation passed by the Oregon House this week, Oregonians will have an easier time putting an end to unwanted, repeated robocalls, thanks to a Clackamas County legislator.

House Bill 3031 — which passed 57-2 — will require robocall operators to include a message within the first 10 seconds of the call that includes instructions on how to end the call and opt out of future calls with a simple push of a button. It will provide relief for Oregonians irritated with the unending automated calls.

The bill came about in response to constituent complaints to Rep. Shemia Fagan, D-Happy Valley, who heard from members of her community last year that they were being harassed by robocalls. Continue reading

Fagan Helping to Clean Up Big Damascus Mess

damascus logoMany folks in Damascus are grateful to Rep. Shemia Fagan, D-Happy Valley, for introducing legislation helping their foundering city.

Damascus has a sad history in recent years. Recalls plagued the city council. Two competing master plans had to go to the ballot. City managers have come and gone in frustration.

Incorporation led to battles with Metro, to a charter which doesn’t allow the city to spend tax money appropriately, and, two years ago, legislation allowing residents to opt out of the city altogether. That has prompted Rep. Fagan to enhance the disincorporation of the city, which two thirds of those who voted on the measure approved.

However, the courts haven’t approved the disincorporation in a ruling requiring a super majority to fold the tents. Residents are appealing. Rep. Fagan’s legislation attempts to help the citizens while they’re waiting.

Rep. Fagan’s Legislation Helps Military Families

Loving soldier embracing son before departing while mother lookiFamilies of sheriff’s deputies, fire fighters, and other public employees who are actively deployed in the military will gain access to increased financial security under a bill that passed the House 59-0 this week.

For many men and women actively serving in the military, being deployed means taking a financial hit, as their military pay is lower than the pay they receive at their civilian job. This leaves their families to shoulder the financial burden, on top of the burden of having their loved one in harm’s way.

Many private employers provide what’s known as “differential pay,” which makes up the difference between an employee’s regular pay and their military pay. It’s a critical benefit that can make all the difference for military families. Continue reading

Keeping an Eye on Legislators Now Much Easier

Keeping an eye on what our legislators are doing is a big challenge. Being in the Capitol every day and seeing everything is impossible.

But there is hope! Our own Rep. Shemia Fagan, D-Happy Valley, has some excellent ideas that utilize the web.

By determining which bill you want to watch you can chart its activity from committee hearings to floor debate right from your very own computer.

Many thanks to Shemia for providing us with this material. Very useful. Continue reading