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Koch Bros Yank $1 Million from Anti-Merkley TV Ads

koch bros.artsy.jared rodriguez.truthoutWhat happens when the TV advertising you’re buying is driving your candidate’s numbers in the wrong direction? Ask the Koch brothers.

We’ll be seeing less of those obnoxious and untruthful anti-Jeff Merkley ads in Clackamas County and elsewhere as the Koch brothers-sponsored political action committee is pulling the plug. There was about $1 million left on the table with the pullout, according to the article in Eugene’s Register-Guard. A refund check is probably in the mail.

When the ads began about three weeks ago, Merkley was leading by about 10 points. Latest polls show Merkley now up by 13 percent, a nice gain in the face of the massive media buy. Not only were the pro-Monica Wehby ads ineffective, but trying to generate appeal for Dr. Wehby just doesn’t seem to be working.

Let’s hope the Billionaire Bros keep their noses out of Oregon politics now that they’ve failed.