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CLACKAMAS IS KEY: Reps Fall Behind Dems, Non-Aligned Voters

More than one pundit has already said that Clackamas and Washington counties will carry or lose this election for the Democrats. Let’s look at the numbers.

Multnomah County’s 527,169 registered voters make it the largest. And Oregon’s largest county is severely lopsided favoring Democrats. More than equaling it, however, are the combination of Washington County, 355,459, and Clackamas, 287,931. They, too, lean Democratic.

Those three counties are some 42 percent of Oregon’s vote next month. Continue reading

HD 39 Hosts Voter Registration Party

candidates at HD 39 event

Jim Bernard, Martha Schrader, Ken Humberston, Irene Konev, Charles Gallia

House District 39 team recently held a voter registration party hosted by Charlie and Cheryl Gingerich at their beautiful place near Aurora. This fiesta featured Mexican food served by our own Alma Valdez and supplied by many local businesses in the Canby area. There were many activities for children, including a bouncy house, face-painting, free books and of course, pinatas!

We offered voter registration materials and had the joy of signing up some brand-new young voters.

There were over 20 volunteers involved, all under the fantastic project leadership of Susan Chavez. Several officials and candidates attended, including County Commissioners Jim Bernard and Martha Schrader, Commission candidate Ken Humberston, Canby City Council candidate Irene Konev, and House District 39 candidate Charles Gallia (who hauled in tables and chairs and stayed for the clean-up).

Thanks to all of the volunteers for their many hours of service. I think everyone agrees that this was a successful event. We look forward to more voter registration activities during the Summer.

Click here for the photo gallery.

‘Motor Voter’ Leads New Democratic Legislation

oregon license plate.motor voterPassage of landmark legislation, including the “motor voter” bill to expand the amount of registered voters in Oregon, is one of three accomplished by an Oregon legislature with solid Democratic majorities and then signed into law by our Democratic governor.

Oregon is the unchallenged leader in opening participatory doors to voters, according to several national reports: The Washington Post #1, The Washington Post #2, Yahoo! News, OregonLive, and Mic.com, for example. This new bill, signed into law by Gov. Kate Brown, who initiated it when she was Secretary of State, is expected to add some 300,000 new voters to the existing 2.2 million in Oregon. Clackamas County’s part, by the way, is 232,566 as of January. That’s about 10 percent of the total, so we can expect some 30,000 new voters here through this legislation alone. Continue reading

Oct. 14 Very Last Day to Register for November 4th Election

register to voteDon’t let this happen to you after this coming Tuesday, October 14.

“Have you voted yet?”

“No, I haven’t re-registered since I moved here from Beaverton. Is there still time?”

“No, the deadline was October 14, more than two weeks before the election. That’s a shame.”

Also missing your vote will be the people who needed it to win. Especially if their loss was very, very narrow. Continue reading

Oct. 15th Registration Deadline for Nov. Election

vote-badgeAre you registered for November’s Special Election? Oregon residents who are U.S. citizens and aged 17 and older can register, check and update your registration on the Oregon Secretary of State’s website. The deadline is Tuesday, Oct. 15th.

Here’s what’s coming up in November for Clackamas County voters: