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AROUND THE COUNTY: Analysts See Clackamas as Crucial to Brown Win
Down Ballot Impact Also Could Be Very Significant

By Peter Toll

Clackamas County is in the thick of it this election as various political analysts agree the governor’s race between Kate Brown and Knute Buehler will be decided here and in Washington County.

An article in the Portland Tribune makes it clear: Multnomah County voters predictably deliver a big number to Kate Brown’s re-election. But the bottom line will come in the two big “swing” counties, those known to go both ways or sometimes lean one way or the other.

Let’s take a quick look at voter registration, which gives Democrats the edge, then we’ll visit the turnout numbers. Continue reading

Voter Turnout Alert!

Ballot DropAs of Sunday, 40.5 percent of Clackamas County Democrats haven’t voted yet. Needless to say, we can’t create the future for Clackamas County that we want — good schools, affordable housing, quality parks, clean air and water — without electing candidates who share our vision. Now is the time to make one more phone call and knock on one more door to get our brother and sister Democrats to drop off their ballots. (It’s too late to mail them.)

If you live in any of the following locations where Democrats are voting at below the County average, please talk to your Democratic neighbors.

Democratic Turn-Out as of Sunday
Happy Valley: 49.1%
Oregon City: 47.6%
Milwaukie: 46.8%
Gladstone: 45.1%
Sandy: 43.8%

Ballot drop locations can be found at here.

Three Biggest Counties Near Bottom in Voter Turnout

oregon-county-mapClackamas County was in the bottom quartile of voter turnout last week, with Washington and Multnomah Counties even worse, according to a state report. Clackamas was 26th worst of Oregon’s 36 counties with a 69 percent turnout, Multnomah had 67 percent, and Washington County was 66.6 percent. State-wide average was 69.53 percent. Not good. Continue reading

Oregon Voter Turnout Demographics

diverse votingDo Oregon counties with the largest percentage of whites have a voter turnout higher than counties with high non-white population? Yes, is the answer according to a political demographic study by James Allen. Where does Clackamas County fit into the state-wide numbers in this area? And which very predominantly white counties seem to be turning more and more Democratic? You’ll find the answers interesting and provocative. Allen’s follow-up recommendations also have merit.