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How Bad Is Wealth Inequality in the U.S.?

income distributionJust exactly how much inequality is there in wealth distribution in the U.S.? Most folks have a certain view. Do the facts back it up? Are they more favorable to those wanting more equal sharing of the country’s assets? If worse, how much worse? These and other notions are explored graphically by a Harvard professor who describes the eye-opening information. You’ll find it interesting.

“Inequality for All”

By Larry Skidmore, Chair of Clackamas County Democratic Party

larry mugshotI went to the first public showing of Robert Reich’s film “Inequality for All.” This is a passionate and revealing work in support of the middle class; I found it breathtaking and substantial in the extreme!

I want to encourage every Democrat and compassionate conservative to see and learn from this magnificent work. It’s showing for a week or more at the Fox Tower downtown on Park St. Tickets are available online.

Animated Inequality Map

inequality map

Financial Inequality 2012

Oregon’s level of financial inequality — whereby rich are getting richer while poor are getting poorer — was in pretty good balance in the late 1970s and 1980s. (Shown as red colors on the animated map.) But starting in the early 1990s, the equality measures have changed for the worse. (Green, with dark green being the worst.) Not as bad as Texas and California, which are states with many immigrants, but still out of balance. This map, produced by U of O grad student John Voorheis and released by the Washington Post, allows a good look at the changing situation in every U.S. state. If you chart changes, here is a change which for too long has gone uncharted.