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MAJOR ELECTION IMPACT: Strange Business Afoot at Aurora Airport

If you were about to expand an airport next to your neighbors would you be considerate and ask them if they care? One would think the answer is obvious.

But “no” is the answer if you are the Aurora Airport and Marion County commissioners, even though the facility is in your county but Clackamas County is just down the road a tad.

Airport officials, in cahoots with certain Republican legislators and the State Aviation Board, seek a major Aurora Airport expansion so bigger jets will fly right over the quiet, residential Charbonneau neighborhood next door. Continue reading

Clackamas County Has Five of the Safest Cities in OR

Walking CrowdWhat are your criteria for choosing a place to live? Does it include good schools? Liberal attitude? Low taxes? Lots of jobs? Lovely natural beauty? How about a low crime rate?

If the latter is your priority, then welcome to Clackamas County, where a recent study shows that five of the 10 safest places to live in Oregon are located. West Linn, where less violent crime occurs per capita than any other place in the state, is the safest. Also on the list are Canby, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie and Wilsonville. Curiously, not in the top ten are any communities east of the mountains, on the coast, nor south of Corvallis.

Finally, for those with truly inquiring minds, we must mention that West Linn has only 30 other cities in the entire U.S. which are safer.

Jerry Greenfield Receives “Heart of the City” Award

greenfield awardCongratulations to active Clackamas County Democrat Jerry Greenfield, recipient of a major award for public service by the City of Wilsonville. Jerry is not only active in his hometown, but he chairs the Platform & Resolutions Committee for Clackamas Democrats and serves on the larger version of that committee at the state-wide level. Public service takes many forms, and we are proud of Jerry for his ongoing contributions.