The Fight Is in Clackamas County

Democrat Donkey Republican Elephant MascotOregon is trending in the right direction compared to the rest of the country, and it is reasonable that Democratic stalwarts would want to capitalize on the momentum of the recent election. They want to keep the momentum going.

At the same time, the situation in Clackamas County remains the same — the county is definitely in play from a political standpoint.

The following is a response to a recent email request from State Labor Commission Brad Avakian for funds for the state party. Avakian is a man we admire and respect. However, the response to him is crystal clear:

Thank you, Brad, for the encouraging/challenging words in your email today. However, I am going to demur on sending money to the state and national party for one simple reason:

The fight is in Clackamas County.

Its five state senators, 10 legislators and two members of Congress are in constant contention (with the exception of Rep. Blumenauer). No seat is safe.

And half of our legislative slots in the Oregon House of Representatives are held by Republicans. They act contrary to those who want a better, more progressive Oregon.

Brad, the right wing is doing its best to dominate at the local level in our county which contains 10 percent of the state-wide vote. Both county commission chair John Ludlow and his cohort Tootie Smith are doing more harm than good and must be replaced.

While we are fervent supporters of the Democratic Party of Oregon, we are compelled to protect and expand our home base first. I’m sure you understand.

Clackamas County: Where the Fight is.

Keep up the good work.