Three Biggest Counties Near Bottom in Voter Turnout

oregon-county-mapClackamas County was in the bottom quartile of voter turnout last week, with Washington and Multnomah Counties even worse, according to a state report. Clackamas was 26th worst of Oregon’s 36 counties with a 69 percent turnout, Multnomah had 67 percent, and Washington County was 66.6 percent. State-wide average was 69.53 percent. Not good.

The counties with the biggest turnouts were all rural, mostly in Greg Walden’s 2nd Congressional District, the folks hardest hit by the Speaker John Boehner-Walden budget cuts, including food stamps. Ironically, these are pretty much the same counties with the highest levels of people needing food stamps and people needing jobs. Go figure. Walden was very convincing of his wonderfulness, despite being one of Boehner’s ringleaders.

Lake was highest overall at 80.7 percent followed by Sherman, Wheeler, Wallowa, Gilliam, Curry, Grant and Tillamook at 75.7 percent. How did they vote? Republican, of course, got to keep those Obama Huns and Visigoths away from the castle door! Ignorance must be bliss for these folks as most of these counties have added a higher percentage to the newly insured Obamacare enlistees than many other counties.

Thanks to House District 41, Democratic co-leader John DeHaas, of Milwaukie, for finding this handy-dandy report.