TIME TO GET INVOLVED: Independent Candidate Backs Brown as Voter Turnout Higher than Usual

Governor Kate Brown won the endorsement of Independent gubernatorial candidate Patrick Starnes in a televised report from Portland on Oct. 30. Starnes said his reason is the excessive amount of funding Republican Knute Buehler has received from one person. That would be Nike founder Phil Knight, who has personally contributed $2.5 million to Buehler.

Brown’s campaign said Starnes reached out to them earlier in the week to discuss the situation.

This latest development occurred as Oregon voters are turning out at a higher clip than usual with Clackamas County staying ahead of the curve, but only by a smidgen.

As of the close of business Monday, Oct. 29, the Secretary of State’s office reports a 21.5 percent turnout. Clackamas numbers are at 21.6 percent. The past three elections have been from 13-17 percent one week out.

Democrats, Republicans and registered Independents are voting at a higher clip than nonaffiliated voters (NAV), closer to 30 percent while the NAVs are under 20 percent.
Governor Kate Brown has a narrow lead, according to latest polling, as Democrats strive to give her a solid majority in the Legislature. Neither can accomplish anything without the other — the governor’s veto power can wipe out positive, progressive legislation.

Most campaigns are doing their best to get their voters to vote. Here in Clackamas, the Democratic Coordinated Campaign (involving Gov. Brown’s race along with several key legislative races) is pulling out all the stops, as are several other campaigns.

If you haven’t stepped up yet — or even if you already have volunteered — consider the Coordinated Campaign in Oregon City. 502 7th St., 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. daily. Amy Kessler is the manager. GOTV calling shifts are 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 4 p.m. amy@teamoregonpac.com 406-860-1718.

Detailed contact information on other legislative campaigns is available at www.clackamasdems.org.