Tootie Bids for Congress

tea party tootieAfter threatening us with her presence on a Congressional ballot, County Commissioner Tootie Smith announced officially she is taking on incumbent Kurt Schrader in a quest to represent the counties of Clackamas, Marion, Polk, Lincoln, Tillamook, and smidgens of Multnomah and Benton counties. Riding Big Right Wing Money into office last fall on the Oregon Transformation Project financial bus, Tootie, a former legislator, wants to see if she can keep that momentum rolling at the ballot box.

For progressive thinkers in Clackamas County, the result is lose-lose. If she beats Schrader (doubtful) then we lose, and if she fails and stays a commissioner, we lose.

Heart of the campaign though is money: She’ll have a lot of it if Andrew Miller, big OTP funder and main squeeze of US Senate candidate Monica Wehby, decides to share some of the booty with Tootie.

3 thoughts on “Tootie Bids for Congress

  1. susan hansen

    Here are a couple of video clips of Tootie “in action” throwing a monkey wrench at the much needed County ambulance contract. There is no way Tootie could represent our interests on a national level! She is a disgrace, yelling and eating and comparing this important County discussion to “sausage grinding”.

  2. Ernie

    When she was a legislator, we approached her several times on behalf of Oregon’s injured and disabled workers. We were the only statewide group in this regard. Not only would she not sit down with us to discuss things, her response every time was outright nasty. Workers from her own district also got the cold shoulder.

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