Act Now to Stop the Oregon’s Secretary of State from Undermining Our Petition Process

One of the keystones of Oregon’s democracy is the petition process. In the past few months, Secretary of State Dennis Richardson has made two moves that seriously undermine this process:

  • First he gave his approval to allow petition circulators to gather signatures on petitions without a ballot title or other information — like signing a blank check. This could fill our ballots with any kind of outrageous measures the far-right cares to propose.
  • Now he wants to eliminate circulators from the signature gathering process. Circulators, according to current law, actually attest to seeing citizens sign the petition. This requirement came out of petition fraud perpetrated by Republican anti-tax activists in the 70s and 80s. Richardson’s proposal would eliminate this necessity, allowing anyone to get any measure on the ballot without proper process.

Public comments on his latest scheme about removing circulators from the process are being taken by his office until 5 pm, Dec. 21. Oregonians should not stand for this terrible behavior any more. Please take a moment and send a note today. There is too much at stake to ignore it.

Please click this link and simply write “Protect the petition gathering process; do not change the requirements for signature gatherers.”


Every text, email, post is critical

Act today!