We’ve Got Their Back!

Now is the time to send an email to our County Commissioners to let them know we support their efforts to provide due process to all Clackamas residents.

Next week our Board of County Commissioners will address the issue of illegal and unwarranted deportations of our friends and neighbors. As two different federal courts have already ruled, President Trump’s executive orders on arrivals, deportations and withholding of funds to so-called “Sanctuary Counties” are unconstitutional.
Nevertheless, Dreamers are being deported, our neighbors are being detained, all without due process or in too many cases without even court ordered warrants.

At our last Central Committee meeting Clackamas Democrats unanimously approved our Resolution on “County Noncooperation in Unjust Treatment of Immigrants”. We wanted our Commissioners to know we fully support their efforts to guarantee constitutional protections for all residents. Plus, we are adding our voice to those in our community who want and need ORS 181A.820 to be vigorously adhered to in both specifics and spirit.

But our support for our Commissioners can’t stop with just a vote in a meeting. Now we must let them know that Democrats and others throughout the county agree that Clackamas County must do everything in its power to protect our neighbors and require that they are provided due process before any federal action is taken against them.

Please take a moment and send an email to our County Board at: bbc@clackamas.us
Please send a cc to us at: campaign@clackamasdems.org

Tell them you support their efforts next week to protect all Clackamas residents from illegal and unconstitutional Federal actions.

Due Process for All — It’s the Law!

Please ask your neighbors and friends to send an email as well.

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