When Is a Party Not a Party? Ask Sherry

hall on phoneIf you’re reading this, you are most likely a member of the Democratic Party, not the Democrat Party, a negative term created by the right wing to bastardize the name of the party.

Clackamas County Clerk Sherry Hall, widely known for her blatant incompetence and sometimes less obvious partisanship, was brought up short by a recent comment on this site. Eric Carlson, a retired Lake Oswego attorney and long-time member of the Democratic Party, took her to task for using “Democrat” Party instead of “Democratic” Party in May 20 election documents.

Raymond Rendleman, of the Clackamas Review, called the Elections Division in the Secretary of State’s office to track it all down. As you can see from the resulting report, Sherry was somehow within her rights to rename our party for this election.┬áBut this ambiguous gray area needs to be clarified quickly lest it drift into the fall election. At that time, hopefully with Sherry having lost on May 20, we can’t imagine what mischief she could be up to in our election process.